Many community based organisations have developed workspace as part of their asset development plans. They can come in a variety of forms:

  • Hot desking – here a desk is offered on a sessional basis for an all in cost per hour/session. The facilities provided with the desk vary greatly (some schemes include business support, telephone answering, visitor reception, photocopying etc) but the main point is that desks are not allocated to particular users.
  • Desk space – here a desk (and usually some storage space) is allocated to one person/organisation for a weekly all in cost. Again the numbers of facilities that are included vary greatly.
  • Self contained industrial units/offices – here a self contained space is sub let (often via a lease or licence) on a longer term basis to one person/organisation in return for a rent and service charges (service charges may include utilities, security etc as additional costs).

The challenges associated with this asset use is that levels of vacancy (or voids) can be hard to predict and can create difficulties is managing the income from them if it is to be applied to other activities.

One example of such workspace in Wales is which developed a range of units for local businesses.