Woodlands, Parks and Playgrounds

Using land for these uses creates significant issues to address in relation to their ability to generate income that covers their costs of upkeep and maintenance if there is no public revenue subsidy available.

Woodlands may provide opportunities for timber and fuel production and the manufacture of wooden items such as furniture, bowls etc. If there are other associated buildings they may also be able to earn income from tourism (trekking, adventure activities, team building activity for businesses etc) providing training in woodland management, carpentry and woodcarving etc.

Parks and Playgrounds may also have problems in this regard unless they can secure subsidy to look after the facilities or can earn income from associated visitor centres, indoor play facilities, charging for use of sports grounds, events and festivals etc.

In Wales there are many community woodlands, some of who are extending to revenue generation from the woodlands. See www.llaisgoedwig.org.uk as an example. A mature social enterprise in Nottinghamshire can give some hint of the possibilities for revenue generation – see www.hillholtwood.com