What is needed to make an application

Local planning authorities should be consulted about what will be needed for a project, but there are documents that are required for all applications for planning permission:

  • An application form – this is a standard form
  • A Site plan – showing the development proposal including any trees, boundaries, rights of way, access points and the direction north
  • A Location Plan - to identify the land that is related to the application
  • Ownership certificates – these are part of the form but anyone with an interest in the land (leasehold/freehold) must be included
  • Agricultural holding certificate
  • Notices – to those with ownership interests must be served via a specified process
  • A design and access statement – this is not required for some applications but covers how much development is proposed, its layout, scale, appearance, how it relates to its context and how it addresses environmental sustainability
  • A Fee – these change from time to time but are laid down in regulations and are available from the local planning authority

In addition to these documents other supporting documents may also be required dependent on the nature of the project – again the local planning authority should be consulted, but these may include the following dependent on the nature and scale of the project:

Structural /condition surveys
Biodiversity, tree, hedgerow surveys
Landscape, streetscape, flood risk, lighting assessments
Topographical, archaeological, contamination surveys
Travel Plans
Porosity tests (for non mains foul water disposal)
Environmental Statements