Voltage Optimisers

How can this save you money?

Electricity demand and cost is growing on a year by year basis and is likely to continue. Voltage Optimisers are designed to reduce your energy consumption and costs and increase the life of your electrical appliances.

By fitting a voltage optimiser you can plan to save around £60 and £150 a year in reduced energy bills (Domestic unit) or 10 – 20% on commercial units.  The voltage optimiser works by regulating the incoming supply voltage to the optimum voltage to prevent wasted energy.

Payback can be as little as 2 years – 3 phase units are also available for commercial installations.                        

How do they work?                                     

These units are easy to install and take typically 2-3 hours for commercial installation and only around 1 hour for a domestic unit. The voltage optimiser is located between the main fuse board and the distribution board on a typical domestic installation or can be tailored to suit specific circuits in commercial premises.

Typically the incoming voltage is between 216 volts and 253 volts as required under the current European Legislation. All appliances in the UK are designed to work on voltages between 207 volts and 253 volts.  Critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220 volts.

Simply by regulating the incoming supply to the lower voltage saves your organisation (or home) money on your energy bill.

The commercial unit has a dedicated electronic control unit (ECU) that constantly monitors all the parameters such as incoming and outgoing supply voltage, load current, temperature and even its own performance, ensuring the unit always delivers the optimum performance to the organisation.

Data supplied by Apex Energy UK

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