Types of Support

Implementing a project will require advice from professionals who have information or skills that are not available to the organisation promoting the project.

What kind of advice may be needed will depend on:

  • The kind of project being developed and its specific circumstances.
  • The skills and resources available to the organisation or individuals promoting the development of the project, and
  • Whether an existing organisation is seeking to develop and implement the project or whether an organisation will need to be established.

Before thinking about appointing advisors it is important to remember that there are European Regulations about the way that they can be selected and appointed, particularly if they are being employed on publicly funded projects. This is mainly determined by the size of the project and the amount of fees involved.

To help to choose the right kinds of advisor a list of professional advisors, what they do and the professional bodies they are governed by is here. Many of these bodies also have lists of firms that can be used to find those nearest to the project.