The Role of the Client

Commissioning the design of a new building or refurbishment work should start with discussions within the project based on meeting the project objectives and how this may affect the design issues relevant to the type of project.

As outlined in the section of the portal on selecting advisors, discussions should focus on creating a brief for the design professionals as the client and ensuring that the processes of approval of designs is agreed and a nominated person given responsibility for communicating decisions to the designers during the process.

Guidance on creating a brief for the design of a building or landscape design can be found here.

Client Role

  • Being responsible for the execution of the project from the initial idea to implementation
  • Choosing the players involved in all stages from design through construction to long term management
  • Ensuring that the needs of building or land users/customers are met
  • Ensuring that the relevant permissions are secured (planning etc) in partnership with the professionals appointed to the project
  • May also be financier and eventual owner