There are a great number of tasks associated with asset transfer and development and projects can take a long time to develop and implement.

Experience with asset development and transfer projects has found that they have a greater chance of being successfully completed if there are people who are prepared to take a leadership role in developing a solid partnership that can ensure the project happens. This role is not a specific task but a number of roles that need to be covered by a group of people – sometimes taken by one person but also by the whole group leading a project.

A group pursuing an asset development project will need to fulfil the following roles in order to move a project forward.

Visionary          Know what needs to be achieved and bring people in to achieve it
Inspirational    Bring to life an image of how the project can be and what it can offer
Trustworthy      Deal with people and issues honestly, openly and positively
Aware               Of team/group strengths and weaknesses, stakeholder’s interests and motivations
Manager          Focus on objectives and progress to meet them
Influencer        Mediate conflict, negotiate fairly but tenaciously
Networker        Make relevant connections with others and build a positive profile for the project.

On the ground this may mean specific responsibilities will need to be allocated for communications internally and externally; for appointing and instructing advisors; for ensuring that the project objectives are properly formulated and changed if necessary and monitoring stakeholders to ensure that they stay both involved and keen to provide necessary energy and activity as they are needed.