Village shops and post offices, restaurants and cafes, visitor centre shops and other retail outlets have all been developed as asset uses by community based organisations.

These have been particularly important in rural areas, where some have been saved from closure by groups of existing customers and other local supporters. They have come together to buy the business and its property via community share offers (see section E of the portal on finance), others have been developed from scratch with other facilities to create mixed use developments that serve a variety of local needs.

Retail uses can be very difficult to make financially viable and many of the community buy outs of local shops rely on volunteers to staff them to reduce costs. A lot depends on the area and the available market to support them, so a good business plan needs to be developed in order to ensure that a viable proposal is possible.

In Wales one example is the shop “Siop-Y-Fro” which was re-opened by the local community. See .