Publications and Resources

These resources have been selected on the basis of being the most pertinent to the sections of the portal and will provide a starting point for finding answers or relevant information on most of the topics covered.

Where there are online resources as opposed to publications they are listed as separate sections. Where publications have applicability to more than one section they are included in each section.

Asset Development and Transfer and the Policy Context

Many of these policy publications are available on line from the authors or publishers.


Carnegie Trust (2011) “Appreciating Assets” Carnegie UK Trust
Circular 06/03 (2003) : Local Government Act 1972 General Disposal Consent (England) Disposal for less than the best consideration that can be reasonably obtained,
CLG (2007) “Making Assets Work - Opening the transfer window: The government’s response to the Quirk Review of community management and ownership of public assets”
CLG (2009) “Planning Together – Practical Guide for Local Strategic Partnerships and Planners”
IPPR (2007) “Community Asset Transfer: Overcoming Challenges of Governance and Accountability”, Adventure Capital Fund
IVAR (2011) “The Community Ownership and Management of Assets”, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
OGC and Home Office (2004) “Think Smart..think Voluntary Sector - good practice guidance on procurement of services from the voluntary and community sector ” HMSO
HM Treasury (2006) “Improving Financial Relationships with the Third Sector – Guidance to Funders and Purchasers” HMSO
Thake S (2006) Community Assets- the benefits and costs of community management and ownership, CLG
Woodin T et al (2010) “Community and Mutual Ownership - A Historical Review”, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York

Existing Practitioners and Networks

On Line Resources

Membership organisations or practitioner networks who have land and building management, asset development or community enterprise as a common activity have sites that include tools for project development, templates and activities for developing business plans, financial modelling, leases etc. Some require membership to access resources, others are freely available.,,,

Stakeholder Involvement, Feasibility and Business Planning

On Line Resources – a feasibility study template can be found in the business plan section – a practitioners guide providing guidance for the development of housing and enterprise space can be found here Main web site on all aspects of organisational development provides the most comprehensive information on all aspects of running a voluntary organisation most of which is relevant to community and social enterprise go to SMART goals – an alliance of social enterprises in Manchester– How to write a feasibility study is on their resources pages


ACEVO (2004) Only Connect: A leaders Guide to Networking, ACEVO London
Acland A (2008) Dialogue by Design: A Handbook of Public and Stakeholder Engagement
Architectural Heritage Fund (2008) Option Appraisal Grants Guidance for Applicants – although funder specific a useful tool for feasibility assessment
Dept of Communities and Local Government (2008) Managing Risks in Asset Transfer
DTA (2006) Cultivating Enterprise: a DTA toolkit for starting up successful development trusts and enterprising community organisations, DTA London
DTA (Third sector leadership Centre (2007) Learning to Lead: 10 ways to develop your leadership skills, NCVO.
Irwin D (2006) Business Planning – A Guide, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
Lawrie A (2001) “A complete guide to business and strategic planning for voluntary organisations” Directory of Social Change
Lawrie A (2002) “A Complete Guide to Creating and Managing New Projects” Directory of Social Change
Social Enterprise Development Initiative “Social Enterprise Business Planning Guide” Edinburgh
Social Firms UK (1998) “Business Plan Guide” Social Firms UK
Wates N (2000) “The Community Planning Handbook” Earthscan

Developing Assets

On Line Resources for social enterprise business support. for trainers and consultants (mainly business support and organisational development) used to working with community based organisations


Social Enterprise Partnership (GB) Ltd (2004) Guidance on finding, selecting and using consultants available from
Jon Fitzmaurice J and Harrow J (2007) The Good Guide to Working with Consultants, NCVO
NACVS/Charities Information Bureau “Trainers and Consultants Direct” This is a Guide to appointing consultants and trainers and a directory of providers. It is available from
English Heritage (2010) “Disposal of Heritage Assets – Guidance note for government departments and Non Departmental Government Bodies”
English Heritage (1995) The Repair of Historic Buildings, English Heritage
Green Balance (2006) Disposal of Heritage Assets, National Trust
Richards R Urquhart M (2003) Conservation Planning - Our Architectural Heritage: a guide to planning legislation and managing change, PAL

Managing Assets

On Line Resources – a RICS service for charities – general help on running community buildings – excellent web site on main aspects of Facilities Management – a charity that educates people about building upkeep


ACEVO(2006) Working Together for Better Office Infrastructure, ACEVO, London
Adirondack, S (2005) Just About Managing? London Voluntary Services Council
BCIS (2009) Building Maintenance Price Book, BCIS
Community Matters (2000) “Reference Manual for Community Organisations Advisers”
Croner Premises Management Guide is a publication and subscription service that provides information on day to day premises management.
Crooks B and Mouradian J (2006) The A to Z of Good Governance, Governance Hub
Dyer P (2008) The Good Trustee Guide, NCVO
Eden L (2007) What Management Committee Members Need to Know, Governance Hub NCVO
Hart L (2010) Premises Fact Finder, Community Matters, London
Hayes R and Reason J (2009) Voluntary but not Amateur, Directory of Social Change
HSE (2006) Essentials of Health and Safety at Work, HSE
HSE (2006) Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 HSE
HSE (2006) Health and Safety Starter Pack, HSE
HSE (2009) A short guide to managing asbestos in buildings, HSE
HSE (2009) First Aid at Work HSE
Hudson P (2000) Managing your community building, Community Matters
NCVO (2005) Sharing back office Services, NCVO Collaborative working unit
OGC (Office of Government Commerce) (2007) “Whole Life Costing and Cost Management”, OGC London
Ranken W (2008) Managing and developing people in voluntary and community organisations , NCVO
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (2007) “Service Charges in Commercial Property”, RICS
Rural Development Council Northern Ireland (2001) “Community Building Resource Pack”
Skinner et al (1997) “Assessing Community Strengths: A practical Handbook for Planning Capacity Building” Community Development Foundation
Volunteer England (2002) “The Good Practice Guide”, Volunteering England
Wood B (2009) Building Maintenance, CIOB

Financing Asset Development and Transfer

On Line Resources – a comprehensive on line resources to find funding and advice on making applications etc This has the most comprehensive set of online guidance on finance and charities, VAT, stamp duty etc. – the most comprehensive online resource on types and sources of funding and guidance on how to secure it. This includes details of lending from banks with specific experience of the not for profit sector – information on community share issues – how to guides and case studies in particular.


Bibby A (Editor) “Step by step finance for social enterprise” Social Enterprise London
HM Treasury (2009) Managing Public Money, HMT
OPM (2006) Financial Relationships with Third Sector organisations: A Decision Support Tool for public bodies
Palmer P (2005) Good Financial Management Guide for the Voluntary Sector
Patel A and Oakley R (2009) The Good Guide to Trading, NCVO
Russell Cooke (2008) VAT Made Simple, NCVO
Russell Cooke (2009) Setting Up a Trading Company, ACEVO
Russell-Cooke (2009) Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook, Directory of Social Change
Sayer K (2007) A Practical Guide to Financial Management, NCVO
Botting N and Norton M (2007) Complete Fundraising Handbook, Directory of Social Change
Hayden T (2006) Capital Appeals, Directory of Social Change
DTA/Cooperatives UK (2010) Investing in Community Shares, DTA/Coops UK
DTA/Cooperatives UK (2010) Practitioners Guide to Governance and Offer Documents, DTA/Coops UK
Brown J et al (2004) “Cooperative Capital”, Cooperative Action, Manchester
Community Shares (2009) Community Shares Fact Sheets 1-10
ACEVO (2009) “How to be successful: An Introduction to Procurement” ACEVO London
Project Development and Support Ltd (2009) The Handy Guide to Tendering and Procurement” PDSL, Matlock

Conditions and Requirements of funding

On Line Resources the lead department on state aid policy and guidance


Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) (2010) State Aid: A Beginners Guide” BIS, London
HM Treasury (2009) Managing Public Money, HMT

Measuring Impacts/community benefits

On Line Resources


Byrne K (2006) “Tell Your Story Community Impact Mapping”
Cabinet Office (2009) “A Guide to Social Return on Investment”
Church C and Skinner S (2006) “Change Check – A Practical Guide to assessing the impact of your community organisation”
Meldrum B (2009) “Measuring your Social Impact” The Tool Factory
NEF (2005) “Proving and Improving: A Quality Impact Tool for Social Enterprise”
NEF (2009) “Tools for you: Approaches to proving and improving for charities voluntary organisations and social enterprises”

Design and Construction

On Line Resources

Most of the organisations associated with the publications list are in the Relevant Organisations section and provide information and advice on their web sites. – centre for accessible environments for all you need to know about accessible buildings – architect professional body – advice to community based organisations


ACRE (1997) Plan Design and Build, ACRE
Carbon Trust (2006) Assessing the Energy Use in your building, Carbon Trust
Centre for Accessible Environments Fact Sheet 5 VAT and Building Work, CAE
CIBSE (2007) Guide L Sustainability, CIBSE
CIRIA (1995) A Client Guide to Greener Construction, CIRIA
Commission Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) (2003) Creating Excellent Buildings, CABE, London
Department of Transport (2009) Delivering Travel Plans through the Planning Process, DTP, London
Energy Savings Trust (2006) Introduction to Renewable Energy, EST
Ethical Property Foundation (2008) A Community Guide to Planning Obligations (Planning Gain), EPF London
Garner H and Hart L (2007) The Green Asset Guide, DTA
Grant, A (2005) Access Audit Handbook, CAE/RIBA
Joint Contracts Tribunal (2005) JCT Building Contracts and Forms, RIBA
Joint Contracts Tribunal (2007) Deciding on the appropriate JCT Contract, Sweet and Maxwell
Lacey A (2004) Designing for Accessibility CAE/RIBA
London Sustainability Exchange (2006) Green guide for community based and voluntary sector organisations, LSX
Planning Aid for London (2009) Local Development frameworks, PAL
Planning Aid for London (2009) Planning Decisions and Material Considerations, PAL
Price Waterhouse et al 1994 “Financing Inner Cities” PWC
RIBA (2008) It’s useful to know… the Role of an Architect, RIBA
Sousa, S et al (2009) Exploring Design Input and Impact in the Community Assets Programme Asset Transfer Unit, London
Thorpe S (1994) Reading and Using Plans CAE
Transport for London (2006) Workplace Cycle Parking Guide, TFL
Urban Forum (2006) A Handy Guide to Planning, Urban Forum

Legal Issues

On Line Resources – legal resources from the asset transfer unit – guidance on leases and lease negotiations – the government approved business code – guidance to registered charities on legal issues – on-line tool for choosing legal structures – on line legal models for asset transfer including model leases and asset transfer policies for discussion and agreement by local authorities. – guidance on peppercorn rents and business rates for community buildings


Adirondack, S Ed. (2009) The Voluntary Sector Legal Handbook, Directory of Social Change
Bates Wells and Braithwaite and Social Enterprise Coalition (1986) Keeping It Legal, Social Enterprise Coalition
Charity Commission CC35 Trustees, Trading and Tax
Charity Commission CC21 Registering as a Charity
Charity Commission CC22 Choosing and Preparing a Governing Document
Dawson J Ed. (2005) Occupying Community Premises: Guidelines for Community Associations and Local Authorities, Community Matters
HM Treasury (2009) Managing Public Money, HMT