Organisational Sustainability

Even if an initial assessment shows that the capital needed can be raised for a project and that it can sustain its revenue funding needs thereafter this does not necessarily mean that it is sustainable from an organisational point of view.

There are plenty of assets that are underused and poorly maintained as a result of the way that they are run by the organisations that own or manage them.

Thinking in the early stages about how the organisation will be run and whether it can demonstrate that it either has, or plans to have, good internal practice is important to making a good case for the project. This will include:

  • Financial administration, management and reporting that is robust and transparent
  • Good employment practices with actively managed support given to staff and volunteers
  • Access to good professional advice or critical friends when it is needed
  • Ability to demonstrate the impact of what the organisation does
  • Ability to work in partnership with stakeholders and campaign and lobby to achieve project objectives
  • Overall management competence that means that organisational objectives are defined and work is led towards agreed outcomes

There are many organisations that undertake “health checks” to look at these issues. An example can be found here.