Organisational Health Financial Management and Reporting

Section D2 of the portal pointed to the need to address some of the wider organisational systems and processes that may be needed to ensure that an organisation that is proposing an asset development and transfer project is fit for purpose.

All types of investor will require evidence of basic organisational competence and health in addition to information the asset transfer and development proposal. Some of the issues and the evidence required are shown below:

  • Details of the governing body (or proposed governing body)
  • Minutes of meetings of the governing body
  • Accounts and financial statements
  • Evidence of timely compliance with Charity and Company regulators
  • Details of the organisations policies towards health and safety, equal opportunity, Child Protection etc
  • Details of previous work that the organisation has undertaken or activities it has successfully delivered
  • How the proposed asset transfer/development project fits into achieving the mission of a new or existing organisation that is promoting the project.