Multi Purpose Buildings

This type of asset can embrace a wide range of uses:

Community centres
Nurseries/childcare facilities
Sports uses (indoor and outdoor)
Training facilities
Multi use rooms/halls that can be used for social events, public meetings, cinema screenings etc

These types of asset use present particular issues when trying to develop a viable plan for their use and management and need intensive work to bring them into full use. This is because the pricing of such facilities needs to balance affordability for some types of community based activity (e.g . meetings of small unfunded groups or use by those with low incomes) with the need to cover costs of managing and running the building(s).

A mixture of public funding (via grants or service contracts) and charging can achieve this, but careful market research and risk assessment in the business plan will be important areas to focus upon. In addition a mixed use building can create a number of issues (VAT, trading etc) for organisations that have/or intend to have charitable status and these will need professional advice.

One example of a multi-purpose building amongst many in Wales is – a community facility with bar, hall, and meeting rooms