Identifying and mapping Stakeholders

Each project is different so each set of stakeholders is different, but usually the most practical way to identify the current and potential stakeholders in a project is to use the following three categories:

By Type      decision makers, the public, people in a defined area, age, gender etc
By Issue     groups and individuals already involved in the issues that the project is concerned with      (for example sustainable energy, saving heritage buildings etc)
By Stake    groups and individuals who may be directly or indirectly affected either positively or negatively.

Once these groups of stakeholders have been identified it will be useful to map them in relation to what they think/are likely to think about the project and what may need to be done to gain their active support or address their opposition.

The table below can be used to map stakeholders interests in a project and what may be needed from them to help the project happen. This can then be used to plan when and how to involve stakeholders in the project – even if it is only to let them know what is happening (see next section).