These are funds provided for projects that unlike loans do not have to be paid back, unless they have been for purposes that were not agreed.

They may be capital or revenue grants. Capital grants are for buildings and equipment, revenue grants are for running costs. Revenue grants may also be sub divided into those for Core Costs and those for Project Costs where organisations may run a variety of different programmes relevant to different grant funders.

Grants available from central and local government may be affected by European State Aid rules. That is where the grant is considered to give the organisation that is receiving it an unfair competitive edge on other business organisations. This is illegal and specific advice is often needed to ensure that projects do not fall foul of the regulations. Click here for an introduction to State Aid produced by the UK government. The Welsh government also produces a series of fact sheets on state aid – see Section G of the portal for details.

This type of funding may be limited for organisations which are not registered charities or do not have charitable objectives. A wide variety of resources are now available to find grants for which asset transfer and development projects may be eligible. These can be found in Section G of the portal.