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This section:

  • Provides ways of identifying land or building assets in an area – to help with finding out about ownership of local land and building assets in both the private and public sector.

  • Provides tools for setting objectives for an asset development or transfer project – although project objectives can change as a project progresses it is important to be clear about what the project is to achieve at the outset to guide work in the next stages (feasibility, business planning etc).

  • Looks at the issues associated with types of assets that have been transferred or developed – some types of assets are more marginal that others in terms of financial viability and their operational needs - it is important to consider these issues as soon as possible in the development of a project.

  • Looks at ways to identify and work with stakeholders – most projects will need the support of a wide range of people and organisations to be successful so planning for and managing processes of involvement and dialogue are important for most projects.

  • Covers the legal issues in terms of the creation of new organizations, entering into leases and other agreements that are often required in Asset Development and Transfer projects – advice from a legal advisor will always be necessary, but this section will help to prepare effectively to do this and avoid the effects of these issues on project viability and operational management.