Financing Assets

This section:

  • Outlines what basic competence is required in terms of financial administration and management to develop and run an asset development or transfer project - whether it is a new or existing organisation that is due to own and manage an asset, it will need to demonstrate to funders and other stakeholders that it can meet basic standards of organisational health and financial administration.

  • Highlights the kinds of conditions and requirements that may have to be met or considered to secure financial support – this is important because not all organisations can take advantage of all available forms of investment and not all projects - depending on their overall financial viability - will be able to take on some kinds of finance.

  • Describes the kinds of finance that may be needed at the different stages of a project – this is important because some funding is easier to find than others.

  • Provides information on the main types of capital funding that may be available to a project and their pros and cons – this is important because raising funds is time consuming and resource intensive so focussing on those that are relevant to certain project and organisational types is more efficient and cost effective.