Executive Summary

This section is usually written last and is probably the most important section of the plan – if the people reading it are not gripped at this point they are unlikely to read on.

It is also hard to write a one or two page document that can be used as a freestanding introduction to the business.  The following tips may be helpful.

  • To start the process it is worth trying to summarise in one paragraph each section of the plan highlighting key facts or key data. 
  • Read it out aloud to others to get feedback.
  • Keep a positive tone to demonstrate commitment to seeing it through.  For example, phrases like “we hope to, we will try to” should convert to “we will”.
  • Finish the summary with a particularly positive round up statement rather than a sentence that ends abruptly or tails off.  For example “By 2020 our hydro project will have generated X amount of electricity benefitting X people and providing X revenue to invest in our Climate Change Education programme” rather than “by 2020 our hydro project will be built and operating”.