Energy generation

Not all land and building assets are a central part of the business of the organisation that has used them to secure benefits to their local community.

A wind farm or hydro power scheme will, for example, have to have a base from which to operate, but it is not the land or buildings themselves that generate income but the equipment and natural assets (the water and wind) that is used to generate energy.

The most difficult aspects of sustainable energy schemes are finding the right location for them to operate efficiently and getting statutory consents (particularly planning permission).

There are successful examples however. For example at Bro Dyfi Community Renewables which is a wind turbine operation in Machynlleth, Powys

Other sustainable energy asset uses are for bio-fuel production and distribution, such as the recycling of waste oil for use in vehicles.

All asset uses will face their challenges in achieving financial viability, but those which are looking to develop technology or a new product will face particular difficulties and usually need subsidy (grants) or significant volunteer input in their initial years.