Developing Assets

This section:

  • Provides guidance on the permissions that may be required to develop or refurbish an asset. It is for general guidance only; consultation with the local planning authority relevant for the project must be undertaken, though this section gives information on what is involved – this is important because permissions may be essential to the project if it is to go ahead.

  • Provides guidance on the kind of support that may be needed for projects and the selection and appointment of professional advisors – this is important because the right advisor can make all the difference to a project in terms of fund raising, operations (in terms of VAT and Tax for example) and governance for a new organisation that is established specifically to take the project forward.

  • Covers the tasks associated with feasibility and business planning – these are important to confirm the technical feasibility of the project and its financial viability (and therefore convince funders and landowners who may transfer ownership of an asset as part of the project)

  • Provides information on the issues associated with construction work on an asset from planning to handover of a completed project – proper control of these processes is important to meeting the project objectives that have been agreed; balancing financial viability and the public benefits that flow from the use of the asset and ensuring that the process is fully understood by the organisation who will own and manage the asset rather than just the professionals involved.