Whilst a project is being developed and support for it being secured, communication is a key activity for any group. Communication with external stakeholders is covered in the stakeholder involvement (link to section C sub section 3) section of the portal. Communication within the group that is promoting the project is also very important, not just to demonstrate good governance and ensure that actions are agreed properly and taken forward effectively, but to prevent over burdening one or two individuals.

As a minimum, a group promoting the development of a project should ensure that there is a person or group responsible for:

  • The role of press/social media liaison
  • Contact with the landowner (before transfer of ownership)
  • Keeping all members - or the wider group or committee charged with taking the project forward - informed about progress.

This person/group should consider similar issues to those associated with promoting a completed asset project that are addressed in the business plan (go to section D Business Planning sub section) regarding target audiences, communication methods etc.