Building Contracts

The type of contract used in a project is an important decision for any client and their advisors. Different contract types provide differently for factors such as:

  • Cost certainty – whether they need to be firmly fixed before starting construction
  • Dealing with complexity – whether the works are large scale or particularly specialised
  • Client involvement – whether the client is able or willing to be closely involved with the project
  • Capacity for variations/flexibility – particularly if some aspects of the design cannot be decided in detail by the client
  • Clarity of remedies if things go wrong - who bears what responsibilities
  • Separation of design and management

Source - Society of Chief Architects in Local Authorities and Local Government Task Force (2003) “A Guide to Standard forms of Construction contract”

It will be important for an organisation taking on the client role to seek specific guidance on the type of contract best suited to their project. See the section G of the portal for relevant publications.