Welcome to the DTA Wales asset development and transfer portal.

The portal is for a wide range of people and organisations who may be interested in the development of land and buildings assets that can be used for community or public benefit.


The information and resources available on the portal have been selected to be useful for:

  • Any civil society organisation that has an interest in asset development and transfer, including representatives from the voluntary and community sector, social enterprises, charities, community based organisations, etc

  • Statutory sector representatives that have a remit to support civil society organisations, including local authority officers from property, valuation and asset management, strategy, land use planning, finance, regeneration, policy and community development.

  • Funders, councils for voluntary services, advisors and supporters of organisations from the social enterprise and community and voluntary sector.


The portal assumes that those using it have no knowledge about any aspect of asset development and asset transfer so that it can provide an introduction to those who are curious or wondering if it is an activity appropriate for them or their organisation. But it also includes detailed information and signposts to other resources that can allow those who want to pursue an asset development or transfer project to do so.

All sections of the site include a mini home page as an introduction to its content and then more detailed sections that break down the work that may be involved in developing an asset project. Practical advice and check lists are provided to use and adapt for the individual circumstances of each project.

DTA Wales always wants to improve what it does, so if you have ideas, suggestions or comments about the portal please get in touch via the contact section (go to the Contact Us section of the DTA Wales web site).